Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping Cool

     Thought this hot icky weather was behind us for awhile? It is Iowa and the State Fair is coming up so it should be no surprise, however the weather people were talking all last week how the 80 degree temps were coming this week. It is Tuesday, we are waiting!

     How do you keep cool? For humans it is somewhat easy. Go in the air conditioning, or jump in a pool, but how do animals keep cool. Well I want to share some picts of our animals.

This is Mrs. P, she uses the dog's pool a lot.

 Yes they have a fan and I bring them out ice water. Sadie doesn't care for the swimming pool and Pepper likes to get it then roll in dirt then get back in the pool. I am not sure what that is about but makes quite a mess.

This cat is actually up in the storage in the barn right next to the hay mount. I would think it would be extremely hot considering the barn is all metal. 

The cows hide in the shade.

If you are really spoiled you get to drive around a couple times of day looking at crops in an air conditioned pickup.

A Disclaimer, that is not my dog! It is my dad's.

How do your animals stay cool?

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